Me, Myself, & Her.

"while we wait, chew on my name until the consonants get stuck, until you taste me everywhere."

Salty & Sweet Combo.

Laynē. 21.

You’ll meet a nice girl and take her on a date. She’ll be beautiful and you’ll make her feel that way. Being the amazing person that you are, you’ll win her heart. You’ll open doors for her and hold her hand. You’ll fall in love. She’ll be everything you ever dreamed of. I’ll be sad and I’ll feel envy, but I don’t care as long as you’re happy.

— (via kbombs)

(via rl-y)

I’ll make you fucking breakfast

I’ll fucking kiss you when you’re sad

I’ll fucking kiss you when you’re happy

I’ll even fucking kiss you when you’re busy and it in turn annoys the shit out of you

I’ll fucking listen to you rant

I’ll fucking tell you to shut the hell up when you nag

I’ll fucking slap your ass in bed 

I’ll even fucking slap your ass in the super market while you pick avocados

I’ll fucking drive because I know you hate to

I’ll fucking miss you when you’re gone

I’ll fucking miss you when you’re here

I’ll fucking do anything for you for fuck sake

I’ll even fucking fuck you if that’s what It takes

I’ll fucking love you and dislike you at the same time

And this just started to fucking rhyme

The point is I love the word “fuck” 

Mainly because it rhymes with “truck,” duck,” and Buck”

But also because it adds emphasis to what I feel

Like, ‘I fucking hate oatmeal.”

But I fucking love you

It’s so fucking true

I’m starting to wonder, what the hell am I waiting for.. an adventure.. a zombie apocalypse.. the pizza delivery guy.. you? 

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